Body treatments

Cloudberry indulgence, 90 minutes 90 €

The antioxidant effect of Arctic cloudberries renews the skin in a remarkable way. These rare super berries from the Finnish swamps contain vitamins that improve the body’s metabolism, promote cell renewal and protect the skin from premature aging. The treatment is an effective moisturiser, making your skin even, firm and smooth. This session leaves you with soft youthful skin and a peaceful rested mind.

Two options:

  • Moisturising and pampering body treatment to hydrate and care for your skin
  • Firming body treatment to activate your skin’s metabolism and add strength to problem areas

A getaway for the body and mind
Aromatic massage, 50 minutes 65 €

An aromatic body massage session features a light, relaxing massage using aromatic treatments oils to fulfil customer need. The experience delights the senses and balances the body and mind, in addition to relieving pain and muscle tension, improving circulation and cleansing the body. Aromatic treatments cause no discomfort if you have stressed and strained muscles. The idea is simply to relax your body and take your mind off your daily responsibilities.

Hot stone massage, 60 minutes 70 €

This method of deep relaxation body massage by a cosmetologist uses warm stones and heated oil to create a pleasant experience for your body and soul.

Traditional massage

Our trained masseuse is a master in classic massage techniques to treat stiff muscles and relieve bodily stress. A traditional massage is just the thing for relaxing after a demanding project or major physical strain, and is a great supplement to other therapeutic services. We recommend that customers with specific muscle and joint issues contact Kaisankoti’s professional physiotherapist.

30 min 35 €
45 min 50 €
60 min 65 €
90 min 95 €

Indian head massage, 30 minutes 40 €

A relaxing massage of the shoulders, upper arms, neck, scalp, and ear pressure points is an excellent treatment for stress and a great reliever of neck and shoulder tension. Warm oil is used during the massage, but it is only applied on the scalp by customer request.

Please contact our professional staff if you have an illness, disability or are pregnant, so we can suggest the most appropriate form of treatment for you.