Manor Spa Kaisankoti is located in north Espoo, just 25 kilometres from the Helsinki city centre and the international airport. We specialize in both comprehensive rehabilitative care for occupational health purposes and beauty and health care treatments. Our lovely facilities provide plenty of appropriate venues for meetings, conferences, restaurant services, special events and lodging.


The Kaisakoti location and manor buildings are historically significant and naturally exude a homey comfortable atmosphere. This one-of-a-kind setting is ideal for arranging inspiring meetings, as well as unforgettable meals and celebrations for corporate or private purposes. Our Manor Restaurant is famous for its home-style delectable food, bountiful buffet tables and popular á la carte menu choices.

The Spa facilities adjacent to the Manor buildings house Kaisankoti’s recreational and rehabilitative services and lodging. Here our guests swim and sauna and get in shape, all the while with the focus on improved health and wellbeing. For more than seven decades now, Kaisankoti has specialised in the rehabilitation of people who are still active in working life, concentrating on preventive methods to minimise risks and promote general health. Over the years, our health and wellness professionals have assisted countless numbers of visitors to discover new paths towards improving their work-life balance.

We also offer a variety of pampering health and beauty treatments, along with several recreational and added opportunities. These rejuvenating services can be included as part of a harmonised rehabilitation, wellness or meeting package, or enjoyed individually.

Kaisankoti’s mission is to provide our guests with pleasant experiences and memories they will treasure forever!