Beauty and pampering treatments

We all have beauty – unique features that make us who we are – and each of us longs for moments of indulgence and relaxation, when we can be soothed by a nurturing touch.

Our spa offers wellness services and beauty treatments that meet everyone’s individual needs. The products we use are safe, ethical and ecological, as they are high quality Finnish-produced cosmetics with no harmful chemicals or additives. Our specialists will be happy to help you chose the treatment and products that are best suited to you and your needs.

Welcome to Kaisankoti to enjoy a rejuvenating session of beauty or skin care, no matter if you are trying it for the first time or have many spa experiences behind you.


EkoPharma – Beauty from Finnish berries

Wellness Manor Kaisankoti’s spa is proud to use EkoPharma products, which draw their exceptional character from carefully selected natural ingredients and oils. Finnish berry and plant extracts replace water as the base, and natural plant-based peptides, prebiotics, vitamins, ceramides and hyaluronic acid add important healing and rejuvenating properties.

The EkoPharma Professional product line contains 60-100% organic ingredients and 95-100% of the components are of natural origin. EkoPharma products are also suitable for vegans.

ekopharmahelsinki-logoEkoPharma’s secret lies in the power of Finnish super berries

  • Raspberry moisturises skin that has a dry surface or uneven properties
  • Blackcurrant clarifies, soothes and strengthens sensitive skin
  • Cranberry balances and reduces inflammation in skin with impurities
  • Sea buckthorn nourishes aging skin and makes it firmer